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From Roger Sargent: "Our sports page is very sparce. How times have changed. Many of us played in the first Little Leagues in Sacramento & the "Bee" gave us write-ups as if we were "big time". Send in your old sports pictures and other items & we'll add them to this page.

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Do you remember the Summer of '52 when Sacramento fielded its first Little League teams?  Every evening the girls in the neighborhood headed for Diamond 1 in Land Park to watch "the boys", in real uniforms, play for Union Taxi (purple), Stop 'N Shop, Fehr's Mayonnaise (green) and one more that I can't remember...Foos and I loved watching but wished that there had been a girls team, too!  Barb Hays Cook.  WHAT'S THE NAME OF THE 4TH TEAM???

The Big Game

McClatchy 1957 Champions

Front row: Bill Bican, Larry Cole, Lou Blakely, Finnius Hurdle, Walter Horton, Douglas Birch Graham, James Moore, Mel Garrison, Jerry Webber, George Nakano, Roger Swearingen, Rick Dumm
Second row: Coach Bob Maron, Roger Sargent, Hachi Kawakami, Dennis O'Brien, Mike Scarbrough,Tom Worth, Roy Inouye, Dave Leek, Gary Boyd, Sal Romeo, Sam Nance, Clarence Canson, Head Coach George Bican
Third row: Richard Bryant, Peter Del Ponte, Bill Sudderberg, Dave Marshall, Dwight Trafton, Maurice Fix, Timothy Francis Kennedy, Jon Adams, Larry West, Tom Robinson, Al Clark, Tom Gutierrez (not pictured - Gary Bunas)

Donations were made in the name of the '58 McClatchy class by:
Steve Hoig '58, Jim McGinnis '58, Jim Culleton '59, Jim Rogers '53 (Lander, WY), Bob Link '43 (Sac High), Jim Miller (non-grad)

Sportsmanship Award-Fruitridge 1953-54 Class
Roger Sargent & Sylvia (Fechner) Nasca -Presented to the best athletes with the best grades

Sacramento "Bee" June 19, 1952

Post 61 Legion Baseball Champions 1957 McClatchy Students
Back Row:
Coach Wally Turpin; John Murphy; John Swartz;Team Manager Ken Wells; Terry Fong; Jim Chenu; Assistant Coach Dave Whitehead
Middle Row: Billy Bican; Jim Vlamis; Jack Marchaend; George Nakano; Sheldon White; R. Johnson
Front Row: P. Young; Val Lewis; Robert Correa; Ralph Lawrence; Roger Swearingen; Dee Lewis; On left, Bat Boy Mike Turpin; On right, Bat Boy Wells

Sacramento "Bee" - June 12, 1952

Sacramento "Bee" - June 1954
Roger Sargent, Jim Vlamis, Jerry Taylor & who else can you find in the picture?

Our Home Team

Batting Averages In The June 27, 1952 "Bee"
How Many McClatchy Names Show Up?

Sacramento's First Jr. Olympics Swim Team, Smmer '54
Sherman Chavoor briefly coached at Park Terrace before moving on to Arden Hills
Barbara Hays & Deanne Thompson, back row, left.

Sacramento "Bee" June 1952
One Of The First Two Little Leagues In Sacramento. Schedule In The Sports Page

"The Prospector," April 11, 1958

Number 17 is Jack Marchaend.

Thanks to Dee Lewis for ALL the names!

Names thanks to Dee & Val Lewis; Note: Jim Olver in top row.

Hey!  Your shoe's untied