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More Tioga Overnight
Mike Wilson, _?_, Brenda Jacobes, Rita Berry

Tom Worth, Carolee Anderson, Sandy Arnold, Bonnie Wallace, Shelby Scollan, Celia Hampton

More Tioga Noir
Mike Wilson, _?_, Brett Stauffer, Terrie Mills, _?_, Rod Browning

Among others, Jerry Chynoweth, Bob Blomberg, Linda Hoyt, Daphne Hunter, Mary Connely, Georgia Fabian, Alice Meyer, Louise Berry, Marian Majestic, Nancy Nielson, Geoff Wong, Roger Swearingen

MANANA DINNER DANCE, Senator Hotel, November 1956
Tom Worth, Jackie Mauger, Mike Arnold, Cynthia Lawler, Tom Brockman, Louise Berry, Buddy Barth, Celia Hampton, David Marshall, Carolee Anderson

Nick Denapoli, Louise Berry, Tom Brockman, Dick Pinneo, Johnna Bronson, Meg Mullen

Cal Junior High Graduation - June 1955
Carolyn Van Horn & Mike Wilson

Out of Here and On to McClatchy!
Linda Lucot, Brenda Jacobes, Carolyn Van Horn, Shelby Scollan, Louise Berry, Carolee Anderson, Ann Giere, Larry Shapiro, Roger Swearingen, _?_

Crinolines & Pretty Dresses and The Boys in Coats & Ties
Linda Lucot, Gary Good, Judi Graham, Brenda Jacobes, Shelby Scollan, Doug Graham, Judy Foosaner

Dale Fraser, Brenda Jacobes, Celia Hampton, Paula Benedict

Frank Zawacki

_?_, _?_, Shelby Scollan, Georgia Fabian, Nancy Nielsen, Sara Calapp

Louise Berry's Party
Marilyn Huberty, Sandy Arnold, Tommi Jacobs, _?_, Sara Calapp, _?_, _?_, Shelby Scollan, Louise Berry, Brenda Jacobes

Marilyn Huberty
Note the "going steady" football on chain, never to be removed!

Lynn Rogers

Penny's Party
Frieda David, Judy Foosaner, Johnna Bronson, Lynn Rogers, Cathy Daugherty, Linda Hoyt

The "Morning After"
Penny Arnold & Judy Foosaner

Linda Hoyt

Passing The Torch - Old & New Officers
Wendell Brooks, Jim Vlamis, Charles Jones, Bob Sullivan, Bill Nielson, Pat Pendergast, Cathy Daugherty, Julie Hendren, Louise Berry, Linda Lee

Stephanie Doran's Surprise Going-away Party for Diana Bing

Stephanie Doran, Brenda Woodyard, Diane Wood, Jill DeRosier, Diana Bing, Kay Lynch, Donna Hicks

Diane Wood - 1956

Kay Lynch - 1956

May 1955
Marla Dunlap, Diana's cousin, Kay Lynch Diana Bing, _?_

Diana Bing - June 1956

From Diana's Scrapbook: Adrian Matroni, Diana Bing, Carolyn Rosqui, Gerry Bing; Bottom Picture - "Carolyn's reaction to caviar"!

Diane Wood, Marla Dunlap & Kay Lynch

From Diana's Scrapbook: Diana Bing and Donald Dalton

Not Your Granddaughter's String Bikini