Our 40th Reunion in 1998
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Planning Meeting At The Sterling Hotel
Roger Morgan, Geoff Wong, Brooke Hamlin, Herm Muller, Roger Sargent, Vic Becerril, Jeanne Wetterau Baldwin, Nina Corbett Holman

The Wine's Still Flowing
Back Row - Geoff Wong, Roger Morgan, Barbara Hays Cook, Herm Muller, Gary Little, Front Row - Jim Connick, Elaine Coppin, Sharon Lindfeldt Clark, Rich Bullock

Friday Golf at Land Park
Frank Cook, Barbara Zook Caine, Phil Caine, Roger Sargent, Warren Lev

John French, Jackie Mauger Linn, Jim McGinnis, Jerry Inman

Lunch at Vic's
Diana Bing McLoughlin and Jane Naify

Friday Golf at Land Park
Mike Pleshner, Alice Meyer Lewis, Alice's husband and Gary Little

Dinner at Paragary
John French; Barb Hays Cook; Geoff Wong; Lynn Carmichael Wagner; Warren Lev; Brooke Hamlin

Friday Golf at Land Park
Gary Little, Joan Hackbarth Wells, Warren Lev, Brian Lippman

Friday Golf at Land Park
Janet Rovane Merryfield, Brian Lippman, Warren Lev, Larry Andreuccetti

Friday Golf at Land Park
Tom Eastman, Barbara Zook Caine, Gary Little(?)

Friday Golf at Land Park
Jerry Inman; Jim Connick; Barbara Zook Caine

Friday Golf at Land Park
Larry Andreuccetti; John French; George Barnes

At Vic's
Rich Bullock, Brett Stauffer, Adelaide Clifton

At Vic's
Brett Stauffer, Jerry Inman & Jim McGinnis

At Vic's
Jeanne Wetterau Baldwin & Barbara Zook Caine

Enjoying The Party
Roger Sargent and our Mr. Bill Morgan

At The Sterling Hotel
Roger Morgan, Barb Hays Cook, Geoff Wong & Jim Connick

Dick Addison and his wife

Frank Baumgartel, Wendell Brooks & Jeanne Wetterau Baldwin

Committee Meeting, Anyone?
Dianne Powell's niece, Diane Powell & Diana Bing McLaughlin in her 40 yr. old Spring Committee Chairman outfit

Party at The Sterling Hotel
Jim McGinnis, ?, Richard Vaccaro & Allen Arnold

Old Sierra School Friends Catch Up
Bonnie Whyte & Mary "Buddy" Stafford Tucker

Richard Vaccaro, ?, Barb Hays Cook & Jim Olver

Ann Giere Krane & Louise Berry Keck catch up on old times!

Roger Morgan & Judy Foosaner

Nancy Nielsen Parkins & Lani Ball with classmates from Canada, Pamela Harris & Carolyn Rosqui Hillman

Janet Rovane Merryfield & Roger Morgan

Women of the February '58 class
Kristin Romeis Ramsdell, Marilyn Canische Rao, Lynda Ray Holbrook & Lynn Carmichael Wagner

Wine On The Patio
Barbara Zook Caine, Gary Little, Brooke Hamlin, Barb Hays Cook & Vic Becerril. Jane Naify & Lynn Carmichael Wagner in background