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 MAYBE THE BEST ONE YET!  That's the concensus about "the wonderful party at Jim & Vee Olver's

lovely home & vineyard."  Their 3 daughters and sons-in-law took care of all the details, including parking, & Juan outdid himself with

 the addition of a delicious salmon-mango salad to all his usual fare!  The weather was perfect & it was over all too soon.

It was great to see Linda McKenzie & husband John Fratcher & Sybil & Jerry Miyamoto.  Both Linda & Sybil are fighting Parkinson's.

Dave & Christine Parent came from Plano, TX & John Swartz drove down from Redding & Mary "Buddy Stafford from WA.   Dave & Carol Evans, Alice Meyer & Pat Lewis, Bill Fallis,

John Richards, Margaret Yokoi, Bill & Nancy Dosch, Gary Bunas & Charlene & Cynthia Lawler & Tom Crane & Suzanne Fong all came from points in central & northern CA &

Diana Bing from L.A.  But the real surprise of the day was Sara Calapp who made a last minute trip from Utah.  The following are all from Sacramento & near counties:  Dennis & Kelly

Scharosch; Sandra Barr & Bill Ries; Wilma Bennett; Carolee Anderson; Gary & Jaime Little; Jackie Mauger & Ed Linn; Frank & Nancy Baumgartel; Linda Kaiser; Jim McGinnis;

Marilyn Huberty & Dick Zarzana; Jeanne Richardson & Tom Simkins; Dan Kaufman; Sandy McCormick; Barbara Hays & Frank Cook; Diane Powell & Cliff Ray; Arnold & Carol

Petty; Jackie Prevost; Sylvia Hamatake; Denise "Denny" Hurst; Mike & Linda Combs; Geoff Wong; Jim Connick; Rich Bullock; Jane Naify; Vic & Judy Becerril; Gary &

Jaime Little; Marilyn Canische & Bernie Rao; Gary & Carol Pritchard; Steve & Judy Johnson; Larry Andreuccetti & Pat McGuire; Barbara Zook & Phil Caine; Linda Lucot &

Bob Jarvis; Hope Vasquez Rodriguez; Marian Majestic; Kay Lynch & Bill Jones; Barbara Kawahara Kado; & Rosemary Aiello & Fred Jacob.

Dawn Roland & Dottie Pinneo would have attended, but Dawn is recovering from back surgery - NEXT TIME!

*We all agreed that with each get-together it becomes more important to be in each other's company & more difficult to say "goodby" -

*Something about meeting with our exact contemporaries!*



Thanks to JIM MCGINNIS for a substantial contribution to our Reunion Fund

Thanks to ARNOLD PETTY for providing the white wine for the party!

Thanks to VEE & JIM OLVER for providing the red wine, their own VERONA lable!



CAROLEE ANDERSON is fighting her 3rd go-round with Melanoma & her 2nd with uterine cancer.

She's an amazing fighter but could use an e-mail or card; 1231 Teneighth Way 95818 

or <ivbears@aol.com.


LAST UPDATE: 6 Sept 2016




Both FRANK BAUMGARTEL & MARY "BUDDY" STAFFORD TUCKER Reported that a small group of "Sierra Kids" got together in the old Sierra School kindergarten room to remember CAROLYN ROSQUI HILLMAN who passed away in March.  Buddy, Frank, Sandra Barr Ries, Linda Lucot Jarvis & Linda Kaiser Williams  all were able to tour the school (now Sierra2, a neighborhood community center, managed by The Sierra-Curtis Neighborhood Assoc.) which Buddy noted "brought a flood of memories about incidents & people in that wonderful old building."  She also said "We wished you all could be there and decided to have another gathering at the school ON FRIDAY, 4 SEPTEMBER of Reunion Weekend when CHARLIE JONES, KAY LYNCH JONES, DAVE PARENT, LANI BALL, DIANA BING MCLAUGHLIN and other Sierra grads. will be able to attend.  SEE PICTURES!

FROM DENNY HURST RUSSELL - "A SHORT DIANA STORY" - "After getting back to my place Saturday evening (5 Sept) I asked Diana if she wanted to walk up 16th St and get a drink or some gelato at Hot Italian.  We ended up sitting at a sidewalk table with gelato.  As we walked off I said there were garbage cans in the park across the street.  Diana said the cups were styrofoam and could be recycled.  I said that Sacramento did not recycle styrofoam.  Diana said that L.A. did, and she might wash it & take it with her!  Since I did not notice her at the garbage can with me, I can only assume that one small piece of Sacramento flew to L.A.  Sacramento is the better for her visit.  CAVEAT:  It IS dangerous to let Diana near a garbage can, as last year she took a "header" into a large one while trying to retrieve a potentially recyclable object.  She seriously injured her arm and shoulder!(Barb)


MIKE ARNOLD passed away this morning, 6 Oct, of lung cancer.  He will be greatly missed by all and especially by Bob Blomberg,

his best friend of 65 years and his wife, Sandy.  Read about Mike's amazing life and accomplishments at






DOTTY PINNEO has relocated from La Quinta to Del Webb, Roseville 

JIM McGINNIS has a shiny new pacemaker! Now he's trying to figure out how to keep his cell phone & beard trimmer 8 inches from the device!

 RETIREMENT UPDATE!  BOB BLOMBERG is busy marketing his nifty new product called "Gardener's Hollow Leg" at The Gardener's Hollow Leg.com.  Check out his excellent website, and buy one while you're there!!!

 GARY & JAIME LITTLE have moved back to Sacramento from Jackson & have re-opened their 65th St. antique shop.

MICHAEL CUMMINS has married his partner, Jon Gustafson.  Congratulations Mike!

SHARON BLACK has published a Kindle book, "Summertime Stories To Dream By" available through Amazon in the Juvenile Short Stories category.

SAD NEWS:  GARY MITCHELL lost his battle with cancer in September 2013.  Curt Koch, his friend of 60 years, recounts Gary's fine career in Civil Engineering and his love of piloting and skiing.  He and his wife, Linda, lived in New York state.

CAROLEE ANDERSON - A 6 yr. melanoma survivor has been recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer.  She has just returned from an Alaska cruise fit in between her first and second chemo courses and plans on not letting it interfere with her world travels as a Wagnerian opera groupie!!  "Intrepid" describes her.











CATHERINE DAUGHERTY MULJAT - 31 Dec 2014, obit. PersPhoto Page. 4
FRANK IVY - 9 Jan 2015
GEORGE W. BARNES -  30 March 2015, Obit. PersPhoto Page 4
CAROLYN ROSQUI HILLMAN - March 2015, Pic. on Pers.Photo Pg.2
LANI MAXINE BALL - 27 June 2015, pic. on Pers. Photo Pg.4
JUDY MULLIGAN ESOLA - 11 July 2015 obit. on Pers. Photo Pg. 4
MIKE ARNOLD - 6 Oct 2015, no obit yet
ROBERT SLATER - 2 November 2015
BOB BAMFORD - 6 Jan 2016, after 56 years of marriage to Norberta Wallery, Class of '58
ROBERTA JO "BERTA" ROBERTS RAKELA - 3 March 2016 - 55 yrs. of marriage; obit. pers. photo page 4
CATHERINE SIBLEY - 8 January 2008 (feb '58)

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